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Drywall Coarse Thread Screw

Drywall Coarse Thread Screw

Screws with sharp points created best to fasten woods and which are able to penetrate thicker wood sheets.
Bugle head : This design provides easy countersinking in a variety of different materials and be driven flush with the materials.


Size Torsinal Strength (Lb/in) Case Hardness (Hv/0.3kg)
3.5mm 24 min 500-800
3.9mm 28 min 500-800
4.2mm 45 min 500-800
4.8mm 65 min 500-800


Thread Type Fine Thread, Coarse Thread, TwinFast
Size #6 ~ #10 (M3.5 ~ M4.8)
Length 1" ~ 6" (19mm ~ 150mm)
Finish Black , Zinc Plated