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Self Drilling Bugle Head Screw

Self Drilling Bugle Head Screw

Self-drilling screws for the building and construction industries. For those application of fixing to steel, timber and plasterboard to steel our self-drilling screws are intended for drilling and tapping into layered or unlayered steel.

Vastly used for application of Drywall or Gypsum board to 12-20 gauge metal studs. 2500 rpm is recommended maximum drive speed
Can also be used in wood to metal fastening where wood is predrilled. Zinc plated is for additional corrosion resistance.


Thread Type Type-ASD, Type-BSD, Type-CSD, Double Thread
Size #4 ~ #14 (M2.9 ~ M6.3)
Length 3/8" - 5"" (9.5mm ~ 125mm)
Finish Zinc Plated , Coated