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Drywall Twin Fast Screw

Drywall Twin Fast Screw

Screws with sharp points created best to fasten drywalls and which are able to penetrate into drywall sheets. Drywall screw head are mostly bugle heads, which are shaped like a cone to help the screws stay in place without tearing all the way through the drywall.
Bugle head : This design provides easy countersinking in a variety of different materials and be driven flush with the materials.


Size Torsinal Strength (Lb/in) Case Hardness (Hv/0.3kg)
3.5mm 24 min 500-800
3.9mm 28 min 500-800
4.2mm 45 min 500-800
4.8mm 65 min 500-800


Thread Type Fine Thread, Coarse Thread, TwinFast
Size #6 ~ #10 (M3.5 ~ M4.8)
Length 1" ~ 6" (19mm ~ 150mm)
Finish Black , Zinc Plated